Monday, June 10, 2013

The Chennai Challenge - So much for aspiring to comply with the MSW Rules !

Have a look at the disaster in Chennai which shows the poor state of garbage disposal - a creation of the local Municipal Corporation: 

These are scary pictures - a wetland getting choked by garbage dumps growing like cancer. And imagine adverse health impacts due to fumes, the pathogens, the viruses and the leachate going into the groundwater. And let's not even talk about the GHGs .....

Municipal bodies do not want to develop sanitary landfill sites, but will wait endlessly for millions of their residents to start one fine day 'segregation at source' (separating meat from the bone; or mango peel from its seed !!) and for a private operator to come with a Midas Touch to convert their garbage into gold ! Until then, it's a full blown disaster that goes on.....and several Earth Days and Environment Days will pass by... and millions will do a song and dance show and a run !! But these cosmetics will not help. It's about time the society realises the heavy costs that it is paying in terms of poor health and compels the authorities to take appropriate and robust measures.

Read the full article :

It's the same story across the length and breadth of the country, be it a small or a large city. But we are not drawing lessons. Its time to chuck the old theory and perceptions into the bin !

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